The Team - Tawana Moremi

Paramount Chief

Tawana Moremi is the paramount chief of the Batawana tribe. He retired from active politics in October 2019 following the completion of his last five-year parliamentary term. Today, Tawana Moremi's focus is on his role as tribal chief.

Why is the Maun Science Park important?

The Batswana, our tribe, are the protectors of the ancestral land that lies in the cradle of humanity. The Okavango Delta represents 2 million years of coexistence between humans, animals, and plants. Without integration and learning from our deepest roots - humanity will fail to save our planet. True sustainability will only develop if we listen to our nature, to Africa, and co-create new ways of living.

We, therefore, invite and welcome you to join our great team to support and implement our vision to build a self-sufficient, sustainable district, Maun Science Park, that will serve as a blueprint for Africa and the world.